Hidden Creek Ranch

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Meet Our Horses

These are the horses owned by Hidden Creek Ranch. They are all trained in both English and Western styles and are available for riding and lessons:


Roo is a 17 year old 12H Welsh pony from Virginia.  He is very sweet and very tolerant of any mistakes beginning riders may have.  Currently, he is being trained to pull a cart as well as ride under saddle.


ParkerParker has resided at Hidden Creek since 2011. He is a very well trained horse versed in hunter/jumper and dressage. At 16.3H, he is the tallest horse we have here at the ranch.


CasperCasper is a 16 H, 17 year old quarter horse who we affectionately call Faster Casper.  He rides both English and Western and can even do small jumps. He is very responsive to his rider and is generally used for the riders with a bit more experience.  This year, Casper performed with his very special rider at the Special Olympics.

Centur Piece

CenturpieceCentur Piece has been part of the Hidden Creek Ranch riding family for over 20 years.  She is a 26 year old Arabian mare and is one of the best jumpers out here.  She is great with children, however takes a firmer hand to encourage her to really perform.  She is able to assess a rider's skill level and will act accordingly.  She is 15 hands tall.


ChloeChloe is a 31 year old ex-hunter/jumper and has resided at the ranch since 2011.  She is a sweet and slow ride.  She is a sorrel appendix quarter horse and is 15.2H tall.  She loves the kids and is the favorite among the beginning students.


JessAt 31, Jess has been retired for the past year.  He is the stable mascot and loves any and all attention he can get from the students.  He was used for light barrels in his day and is just an all around good horse.